Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad and Taxback International

VAT can be as high as 27%

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

Bank Islam and Taxback International have partnered to provide you with an integrated, fast and efficient VAT Refund Solution, customised to reduce foreign business travel costs while ensuring fiscal compliance.

VAT Recovery is a complex process that often requires a major investment of time and resources. VAT Rules are constantly changing, therefore companies need to be aware of the best practices available to maximise their VAT refunds.

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Eligible Expenses

Companies operating across borders have the right to claim back the VAT paid for a variety of business expenses incurred outside their country of residence, including:

Eligible Expenses

  • Trade Shows / Conferences
  • Restaurant / Meals
  • Business Entertaining
  • Telecommunications
  • Training costs
  • Hotels
  • Advertising Costs
  • Storage costs
  • Professional fees
  • And Many More...

Countries that refund VAT

View a chart of the countries refunding to Malaysia:

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